You may call them chapters, branches or field offices. Affiliates are the local community-based efforts of nonprofit organizations. Most services and fundraising activities occur at the local level. This structure requires a strong network of board, staff and volunteers.

In an organization with multiple levels of planning and operations, a natural tension can arise among decision-makers despite a commitment to common goals.

I can help you address the unique challenges associated with a system of nonprofit affiliates:

  1. Decision-making powers in a structure with a parent board and affiliate boards

  2. Plans for consolidation or expansion of affiliates

  3. Requirements and work plan to establish a new affiliate

  4. Reporting standards and systems





“Thanks for your good work with our Field Managers…it will be useful as we determine how to shape the Board Development and Agency Relations aspects of the program.

I look forward to other opportunities to use your experience and skills.”

Joyce C • Director of Program Development

Big Brothers/Big Sisters of America

400 Windy Tor Rd • Leola, PA 17540

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